Modern Convenience

16 Jul

I do not know about you, although I now have a single active lifestyle. As being a full time mama who includes a part time job, I do not have a whole lot of extra time. I am generally trying to make stuff more straightforward and much easier to ensure I can have more precious time with my children. Running errands is undoubtedly an especially time intensive and difficult thing to do when you find yourself taking all your family members together with you. If there’s nearly anything I could deal with without the need of packing up my motor vehicle and setting up an excursion, I am all over that, without a doubt! That’s the reason I had been so psyched with the invention of mobile banking and mobile bill pay.


Mobile banking would mean no more journeys to your bank, which is a HUGE time saver. I do not know the reason why, nevertheless coming to the bank always has been considered one of my very least favorite errands to perform. Waiting in line and also going through the drive-thru was really a chore to me. Mobile banking may be a fantasy come true for this momma. When I read that there is an app obtainable for smartphones which permitted mobile banking, I was so happy! I obtained that app right away and I have appreciated it!

You can get mobile banking applications that enable you mobile bill pay, which allows anyone to pay bills from anywhere anytime. The app permits me to incorporate new payees so that they are stored there and I can pay to them at any time. I am able to setup recurring costs and payment- I can put in place automatic payments for regular bills that happen to be due on the very same date each and every month or maybe set up reminders to pay for particular bills. It is also easy to set up and pay a one-time bill.

A different tremendous, awesome, practical thing around mobile banking would be the photo imaging functionality. Should I acquire a check, I’ve an opportunity to simply take a photo of the check with the application which money may be placed right into my account all via mobile. This is one of the most popular characteristics. It has saved me such a lot of time.

Not simply has this app saved me time merely visiting the bank, even so it has saved me the time preparing the trip there. Reserving a day in the week and ensuring that the children were either taken care of or taken with me. It’s been wonderful.

I used to be a little concerned about security initially when I first heard about the application. I was worried that making use of this kind of technology would make it easier for my information to be monitored or stolen, but it truly is perfectly safe. The system uses top of the line security and there are have been no issues. I no longer worry about that when I bank on my mobile. I’ve never loved an application or my smart phone more. I am definitely amazed and thankful at the technology we now have available today!

More on mobile banking here:

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